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Women’s birth stories are important. They are the tales of  becoming mothers. Mothering is a challenging task. Pregnancy and birth offer up many opportunities to learn and grow. This is certainly true when you are carrying a breech baby!  We offer these stories to those who would listen and learn from those who went before.
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VBAC Breech Home Birth of Ryan
Beautiful.  There’s no other way to describe it.  Words fail me when I try to capture this journey any other way.  I suspect that I will never stop reflecting upon and benefiting from the road I took to birthing my son.  

Despite three external versions (one of which was successful), moxabustion, Webster Chiropractic care, ice packs, music, breech tilts, hypnosis etc, my little boy was breech when labor began at approximately 39 weeks.  

My previous births were cesareans for transverse and...
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The Birth of Seth - At The Farm
My husband and I were ready for our first son’s birth several months before his due date – or so we thought. We had taken classes, gotten most of the baby’s things ready, and chosen a birth centre as our birthplace. I had done a lot of research about the disadvantages of hospital births, and my husband and I were both very sure that we wanted a natural birth for our son and ourselves. The pregnancy was the easiest thing in the world for me – I had no morning sickness, no swelling or health
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How peaceful! I highly recommend it…  Birth of Nolan
We had PLANNED on a hotel birth, but…the baby had something else in mind!

I’d been having contractions for the last two months of my pregnancy and a month before I was due it was determined that I was 4 centimeters dilated and 40-50% effaced. The original due date was February 10, but the doctors moved the date up to January 31 after a few ultrasounds and baby measurements. However, once January 31 came and went, and still no sign of baby, we figured out that I must

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The Birth of Joel Adrian
My son was breech and born by c-section on October 27th, 2006.  I found out at 38 weeks that he was breech, after my OB did an exam and assured me that his head was down.  He must have suspected the baby was breech because he sent me for an ultrasound the next day.  The u/s tech confirmed the baby was breech, and my OB refused to let me try external cephalic version because my fluid was low.

I was furious that my OB mistook a head for a bum, and I was devastated that I was going to need
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A powerful story about respecting the rights of families
The Birth of Jericho
I went into preterm labour at 34 weeks with my first son, Jericho.  I went to the local hospital in Prince George, BC to find out if I actually was in labour (it was so mild that even with a previous natural delivery I really didn't know).  Two hours of demanding a vaginal exam (that they would not give me) later, and they found out my son was crowning.... breech.

Before I could even say the words, "I want a vaginal delivery" they were shaving me and putting IVs in my arms.  Even though I
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